October 10, 2021
Insecurity: Bishop Odedeji Calls For Ceaseless Prayers
December 11, 2021
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(I) His reactions to situations, even when they were embarrassing and when what Ruth wanted was difficult, showed that he had a good heart towards others and would not allow other people’s predicaments to be used to insult them. Many privileged people in our world today easily look down on those who are unfortunate – 2: 4 – 9; 3: 8 – 13. Christians must treat all people equally.  Our presentations must lift others up and not bring them down

(II)    He could be trusted to keep the known actions of others that look strange and are not conventional. What Ruth did was an extreme action and Boaz could have embarrassed her by calling people to behold her lying at his feet and to hear her words in 3:9. But instead, he held his peace, though he didn’t allow himself to be compromised.  Many Christians these days are busybodies and unbridled elements – 3: 12ff

(III)   Boaz was a giver per excellence. Many a Christian these days are very stingy and only give when it will benefit them. His giving was not attached to any negotiating favour then or later. When you can give to people freely, willingly and bounteously, you are a great man or woman

(IV) He was not a man who could hijack other people’s rights at will and when the opportunity presently itself. He wanted to help Ruth and even marry her but not at the expense of the rights of others. Many a Christian nowadays hijack every opportunity that crosses their way without any consideration for the entitlements of others.

(V) He was a reliable man known to everyone around him. His words were his bounds – 3: 18. He could be trusted for what he said. #

(VI) Unlike Boaz, the guardian-redeemer was materialistic, selfish and inconsiderate.

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