Sam Marble

In the spiritual warfare of ideas, philosophies and worldviews, the mind is both the battlefield and the targeted captive. Be careful of what you listen to on the Radio, what you watch on the television, what you read on the newspapers and social media And the discussions you participate in; many of the good orators are the recruiting officers of Satan using intelligent expertise as a cover-up – Sam


Don’t rejoice when God is using you against His own people because of their transgressions. In the history of God’s dealings with His people, those who had been used as correcting rods had never escaped from destructions especially when they too were as bad as (or worse than) God’s people they were being used against.


If you are easily angered and can’t allow other views apart from yours, stay away from politics and sports. These two phenomena don’t befriend those who believe that their words are incontrovertible and their opinions are faultless. If you try religion, you may succeed!


To have fulfillment in life’s journey, you must love people and use things and not the other way: love things and use people. Loving people is Christianity while loving things is consumerism


Listening to other people’s views and ideas is a major way in dispute resolution. Many a people fail to understand the circumstances and backgrounds of issue before making their judgements