The Concept of “Soro-Soke”

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September 21, 2021
October 1, 2021
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The Concept of “Soro-Soke” in the Yoruba’s linguistic culture, is a democratic outburst of one’s opinions and ideas freely. Unlike in a  colonialist and authoritarian society, this beautiful concept speaks of a free society where someone’s opinion, no matter how contradictory it might be to ours, is heard, respected and allowed in any discussion and decision.

Unfortunately, some proponents of this well balanced concept misconstrue it to mean “speak up my (our) idea”, “speak up for the majority” etc. But unfortunately, they are wrong.

The concept teaches that every human being should be free to speak up his or her idea without any fear of being shunned, molested or punished. The concept agrees that majority will always have their ways but the minority also should be able to have their say.

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